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Colby S. Hall

"Colby Hall did an outstanding job of guiding me through the divorce process. He always made sure that my interests were represented and worked in a collaborative manner with opposing counsel to reach a timely and fair resolution. He was proactive in handling matters, responded immediately to any questions or concerns and always went above and beyond my expectations. His professionalism coupled with compassion provided a peace of mind in a very difficult time. I highly recommend Colby Hall."

What is Collaborative Family Law?


In working with Colby Hall during a very difficult time and circumstance, alleviating the stress and uncertainty in having the best outcome for my family and I was his absolute focus. -M.R.
I spoke to a lot of lawyers before I chose Colby to represent me, He was the only person I felt truly had my best interests at heart. When everything was done, I still felt the same way. He took what felt like an impossible situation and brought my husband and I to a conclusion where we both felt like we were treated fairly. -K.T.
When my husband abruptly decided to end our 28 year marriage, I had no idea where to turn or what to do. I contacted Colby because I felt a collaborative divorce would be best for my family and me. It was a decision I never regretted. Colby was not only professional and knowledgeable, but was also a sympathetic and calming counselor. During the entire ordeal, he unfailingly returned my phone calls and emails promptly with complete answers to my questions and sound advice with how to proceed. His assistance was invaluable and I recommend him highly and with no reservation. -C.W.
Colby Hall was referred to me by another attorney during a time in my life that was difficult and dark, to say the least. He not only acted as a professional attorney during the custody issues with my ex-husband; he treated me with respect and never judged me for the mistakes I made which caused me to seek counsel. He is not just an attorney, he is a human being with compassion and concern for the life of his clients. I am alive and well today, despite what I went through during our custody battle, largely because of the encouragement and support I received from Colby. When searching for an attorney, I highly recommend Colby to friends in need of counsel, and they have continuously thanked me for the recommendations. -R.A.
It was a pleasure working with Colby to review and amend my prenuptial agreement. He was able to move his personal schedule around to fit the short amount of time we had to approve the agreement. His estimate was reasonable and accurate; I would strongly recommend Colby. -T.S.
Colby practices open communication with his clients. He clearly explained every option and made sure I fully understood everything as we went along. Colby was available to me 24/7. I could call him anytime and it was greatly appreciated!

Colby did his best to keep my cost to a minimum. That in itself was a relief especially during the hard times of today's society. I would recommend Colby Hall to anyone seeking a legal counsel that is looking for a lawyer with Empathy, Compassion and Respect.

Thank you for everything you did for me and my family.

Colby worked with me on my divorce. We sat down and came up with a plan on how to handle the divorce process in the way that was most comfortable for me. He took time to explain all the legal avenues we had and what the outcomes would be. I felt he understood exactly how I wanted to proceed, by not going to court, and worked hard to help make this happen. As a lawyer, he cares about his clients and was available to discuss my case whenever needed. His hands-on caring approach was a great relief to have during that difficult time in my life. -T.S.
I truly appreciate all your help in getting me through a really tough time. You went beyond what most lawyers would do and gave me the courage to make a move in my life for the better. -D.B.
Ours is a story with a happy ending--when my husband and I faced problems we could not resolve on our own, I turned to Colby Hall for advice. He was honest, knowledgeable and only interested in what was best for me. Colby listened to my story and took time to understand the particulars of my situation. My husband and I have chosen marriage counseling over separation, thanks in part to sound advice from Colby. -K.E.
I want to thank you for doing all you do to help make the separation/divorce process less painful. I'm certain that your style of counsel, unwavering compassion, and understanding is rare. -N.S.