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Colby S. Hall

"In working with Colby Hall during a very difficult time and circumstance, alleviating the stress and uncertainty in having the best outcome for my family and I was his absolute focus."


"It was a pleasure working with Colby to review and amend my prenuptial agreement. He was able to move his personal schedule around to fit the short amount of time we had to approve the agreement. His estimate was reasonable and accurate; I would strongly recommend Colby."

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I am a certified Collaborative Family Law attorney. In the Collaborative approach to separation and divorce, both clients and their attorneys sign a contract pledging to keep the matter out of court. The contract also prohibits either side from using information gained during the process against the other in court at a later time. Unlike the back and forth of litigation, the Collaborative process fosters an atmosphere of openness and allows discussions to occur in "real time" between the parties and attorneys. Collaborative is highly effective in helping families shift from dispute to resolution efficiently, and with as little financial and emotional damage as possible.


Just because a case is Collaborative does not mean that you give up the traditional protection and support of an attorney. On the contrary, all of the benefits of having your own attorney remain in place. The difference is that your legal representation comes without the threat of adversarial litigation in court.


Collaborative provides a number of options, depending on your needs and budget. From divorce coaches trained to address emotional challenges during the separation process, child specialists for families with young children to help create co-parenting plans, or a financial neutral to assist in solving complex financial challenges, the interdisciplinary nature of Collaborative allows you to choose precisely the resources you need.


Another alternative to litigation, mediation is an option to consider that is used in both Collaborative and non-Collaborative cases. As a trained mediator, I serve as a neutral facilitator to help couples break through barriers that may stand in the way of a successful negotiation. Mediation is private, confidential, and can be very cost-effective.


Couples considering marriage often inquire about prenuptial agreements. The reasons for doing so vary, but financial protection is typically a primary motivation. A "prenup" is essentially a contract that specifies how assets will be divided should a divorce occur. Since financial issues are often at the heart of marital discord, a prenuptial agreement can minimize stress and uncertainty in the event of separation and divorce. Potential litigation costs can also be minimized.

What is Collaborative Family Law?